Jesus was a carpenter and a hell of a savior to
Buddha was enlightened, and he did some saving to 
Then there’s Krishna, Allah, Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu.

They all called a meeting to figure out what to do with me and you.


Looks like the apocalypse and no one’s listening

Don’t you know them saviors are all saying the same thing.

Don’t need you kneeling down or kissing their ring

They need us to help each other, or we won’t get out of this thing.


You save me then I’ll save you

If we save each other, them saviors, won’t have nothing to do

They’ll be dancing up in heaven because we finally made it thru

Don’t you think them saviors, need a little saving to.


All them good books will tell you if you read between the lines.

Maybe heavens up in heaven, maybe it’s in your mind.

You don’t know till you get there, so don’t waste your time

Trying to figure what you can’t figure, will trip you every time.


I turned off the internet, the TV, and the phone
Told Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to leave my ass alone
I’m going up the mountain, going to find me an air-conditioned cave

I don’t think no savior’s going to save me today.


Bridge em

You can’t blame the politicians, we voted them in
You can’t blame the devil, or your spouse or your next of kin
You can’t blame the world, It’s always going to spin

And don’t blame them saviors, it was us who did us in.

So, get yourself a savior, there are plenty around these days.

Put him up on a wall and get on your knees and pray.

Ask him anything you want and maybe your wish will come true

But you best believe their duty bound, to leave that up to you.

Chorus &Tag

I think they are tired of saving me and you.

You got to save yourself, that’s what you’re supposed to do.